CEO progress report #7 – “The Conference”

Welcome to the first Captain’s Log of 2022!

With our health back to 100% we are looking forward to continuing working on our most important tasks:

  • continue with setting up our lab
  • connecting with other people, companies, and organizations
  • launching our first marketing campaign

The most interesting thing last week was that I was invited to give a presentation at the Future of Food conference held by a great student organization PROBION.

It was great to be able to speak alongside people from Mosa Meat and WildType! They shared some great insights from their work and I must admit I felt like an odd man out since Anjy Meat is a super-early company. Nevertheless, I spoke about how we view the current state of the cultured meat space. I explained the reasoning behind our idea to start with a lion meat product instead of a more mainstream animal.

I will be sharing more on our website, but I invite you to watch Lennart’s quick summary. He did a great job and made a very cool edit to convey our idea:

Follow Lennart’s channel, he publishes great insights!

Next steps

We are ramping up our rate of progress significantly and are looking forward to sharing more in the coming months. Even though we achieved a lot in a very short span of time, the real work is finally starting.

Take care, everybody!

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