Would you like to be an early member of the community of startups, scientists and engineers working on the biggest paradigm shift in how we produce food since the agricultural revolution 10.000 years ago?

Cellular agriculture is currently at it’s dawn. How would you like to work on something that will profoundly change how humans live?

You posses a great skillset. But you need to be careful where you pour your blood, sweat and tears into. Watch this video and learn how we wish to create the best place to leverage your passsion and skills:

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We are looking for science and engineering people to join us as a early employees. Along with a great sallary, we have a great Employee Stock offer as well.

Are you an exceptional tech/sci girl or guy? Are you passionate about the cultured meat space? Do you think this is THE way to a fair and sustainable world? Do you wish you are given the chance to have a massive impact through your work? Would you like to take some risks and  own a part of a startup on a mission to accelerate the advent of massive adoption of tasty cultured meats?

Join ANJY MEAT! We are looking for people like you to join us as our tech/sci early employees. We have a unique strategy that will increase our chances of growing quickly. If we succeed with a high-priced cultured meat product and get a decent amount of customers – we could be one of the first in the world to do that profitably.

We are passionate about seeing the world transition to a sustainable cruelty-free healthy and tasty food production system. If you are too, please consider joining us!

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