Let's make the most awesome meat the world has ever seen!

…and save animals & our environment in the process





We aim to design and produce cultured meat products the traditional meat industry simply cannot. Our mission is to accelerate the advent of sustainable and slaughter-free meat production through new and tasty products.

When looking at meat, think - better!

Some facts: Making new tech products is extremely risky and expensive. Traditional meat is mostly a commodity product. Animal agriculture and its incumbents have huge production efficiencies and economies of scale. People buy meat for taste, price, and convenience.

Therefore, our strategy is to produce something that traditional animal agriculture can’t, something that we can charge a premium price for, and something we don’t need to produce in huge quantities right from the start.

We will make new meat products that were never possible before!

Scalable cell cultivation technology lets us create meat products out of cells from any animal – and ANY CELL! Not just from muscle cells, and not just from the 5 animals we domesticated for meat production.

This technology lets us be creative and explore meats one animal would never be able to produce on its own. We believe meat can be much better than what people eat today. Think better meat in every way!

We want to help make the future where people can eat all kinds of different flavours and satisfy their unique desires – all while not harming any animal and protecting the environment.

We are here for the long run, join us.

In the not so distant future, it will be weird to associate meat with animals.

Davor Debrecin

I have 11+ yrs experience as an entrepreneur making successful digital products and services.

Anja Eloise Livaić

I have a major in Immunobiology and am an animal rights activist and an entrepreneur.