CEO progress report #4 – “The Big Connection”

Hi everyone!

So much has happened since my last progress report!

  • We got approached by one of the largest VC funds to hop on a call and discuss our application to their accelerator program.
  • I connected via LinkedIn with more than 30 CEOs, founders, scientists and investors, all from the cultured meat space.
  • I have gotten on a call with several of them, asked them for feedback and advice on our strategy.
  • I also met some of our future partners and suppliers.
  • My co-founder Anja Eloise and I have been crafting our pitch deck, filming introduction videos and modifying our strategy.
  • I started working on our financial model and getting more and more accurate assumptions

Next steps

We will soon send our applications to various startup accelerators and then move on to other tasks. We decided to apply, but have not yet decided whether we will accept invitations or not. We just want to get feedback and then decide to join the accelerator or not. The main benefit of joining ist to get connected with great people that already have great insights and connections in the cultured meat industry.

On the other hand, we want to move fast and don’t need the money right now. We already have enough to move quickly and achieve our next milestone – set up a lab, get a lion prototype ready, AND launch our pre-order marketing campaign. But if we get invited, we will strongly consider joining, especially two of the most famous accelerators in the field.

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So our focus is in the next few weeks is:

  • connect with other companies in the field that can provide us with ingredients and equipment
  • apply to accelerators
  • build out our financial model
  • prepare our pre-launch marketing website and video animation to easily communicate our product and vision
  • connect with investors and start building relationships
  • connect and start building relationships with scientists and engineers that could soon become our team members
  • learn as much as we can on the current state of science and technology
  • get high-quality advisors on board

Dear diary

I’m simply amazed at how much more we know about this industry, only 45 days after first starting out. I’m so impressed by all the people I connected with and had a call with. People are super smart and passionate about making this agricultural revolution happen in the near future. Both Anja and I are super excited to be a part of it and can’t wait to start producing our own product.

Thanks to everyone who helped us so far!

All the best,

Anja Eloise & Davor

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