CEO progress report #6 – “Quickie”

Hi everyone!

This is going to be a quick update:

  • CITES responded and we will probably be good to go to try and make the lion meat prototype – we were concerned not to increase the risk of something bad happening to these beautiful animals, so we contacted many institutions and organizations to learn more and stay compliant with all laws and regulations
  • Our cost estimates and financial model are progressing, we are really starting to be very accurate with our cost predictions – meaning we will soon be able to make some big decisions
  • Have spoken with many experts and founders from various B2B companies that supply cultured meat companies
  • Have gone through various types of equipment
  • Started creating our product visualization in CAD & 3D software (super excited)
  • Anja & I have made some great decisions that we will announce in future progress reports

Apart from that, I have been personally under the weather this last week so my tempo has slowed down. The holiday season is up, but we will continue to work and make progress.

To everybody celebrating, I wish you Merry Christmas! Have a great time with your family and enjoy some time off.

Take care,


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