CEO progress report #1 – “The Big Bang”

Hi everyone!

This is my first progress report. I’m treating this as Captain’s Log from Star Trek. A way to put everything that’s happened down on paper, to reflect, and inform others about what we are currently doing. This is a nice and transparent way to engage with you guys.

What tasks have been resolved so far?

  • core strategy and first steps decided and defined – potential first product defined
  • name defined, logo designed
  • signed up to GFI community as an entrepreneur
  • connected via Linkedin with many CEOs, CSOs, founders, scientists, and engineers in the alternative protein space
  • connected to tech/sci consultants + consulting sessions booked
  • watched many YouTube videos & listened to some podcasts – Josh Tetrick, GFI summit, Brave New Meat etc.
  • went through 20+ companies’ websites and subscribed to their newsletter
  • connected via Linkedin with many people from GFI
  • collected many business and scientific learning materials including market reports
  • core technologies needed for cultured meat production well understood
  • core company presentation designed and developed – LINK
  • website designed and v.1. active and fully functional
  • videos for each important page recorded, edited, uploaded, and embedded on the website
  • Linkedin company page finished
  • Earmarked my own money for investment
  • Contacted 10 friends and fellow entrepreneurs as a heads up for this investment opportunity

Activities & tasks I will focus on?

  • Continue to connect with other alt protein startups founders, scientists, biotech engineers, consultants and investors via Linkedin
  • Add more content to our website to make it easier to find my cofounder, future employees and investors
  • Continue to read and learn about everything related to producing / manufacturing a cultured meat product
  • Research companies through alt protein database – send an email and inquiring on price – build my cost estimations to be able to finish my pitch deck
  • Prepare questions I need answers to, for booked consulting sessions
  • Start advertising campaign for target groups

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Current goals

  • Have a precise cost estimation from zero to a small lab where we can create our prototype
  • Find good tech/sci cofounder candidates
  • Decide whether to incorporate in Singapore, US or somewhere else
  • Pitch pre-seed round to FFF and angels I know and am in contact with about ANJY MEAT
  • Launch a lead gen test campaign to target consumers with Facebook ads
  • Become very knowledgeable in the tech
  • Decrease unknown unknowns

Dear diary…

This week was amazing. I really enjoyed all the work I did. And this is the most fun part of starting a company! Everything is new and fresh, there are so many interesting things to learn, so many new people to meet, and no pressure – just being creative and enjoying myself discovering more about this field.

I am consciously going to enjoy this because once real work starts, it’s game time.

Take care, everybody!


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