CEO progress report #8 – 7/1/2022

This progress report will be a short one and just an update on significant changes we made to our strategy and roadmap.

Our first product design idea was to create a lion meat product. The value proposition of eating real lion meat suited our core philosophy to create a premium cultivated meat product that we could offer at a premium price and lower volume production.

After working on this idea for some time we quickly realized how limiting focusing on just one animal is. It’s really tough to actually get a reliable source of lion cell samples. We realized that instead of focusing on ONE product idea, we should truly leverage cell cultivation technology and create a process of finding the best possible cells to create a truly unique product.

What will it be? We don’t know and that’s the point.

By working with many cells from a whole range of different animals, we will be tapping into the vast biodiversity we have on Earth. Who knows what combination of cells will be the best to create a truly unique experience! We will be focused on finding the best ingredients to create a unique and delicious experience for our first customers – stay tuned!

Major props go to Vow, especially George Peppou (CEO), who were (and are) the first to boldly pursue this strategy in an already crazy industry like cultivated meat.

I encourage everyone to watch George’s recent presentation below:

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